Gun Safes

Gun Safes

The Second Amendment line of gun safes are an affordable way to protect your loved ones and your firearms. The Second Amendment gun safe has a 1-hour factory certified fire protection rating up to 1700ºF.

Utility Safes


The all purpose Blue Dot utility safes are great for storeage of cash trays, gift cards, payroll checks, and other related items you need to safely lock up. 

Depository Safes


By far the number one seller.  Depository safes are a must in ANY business that accepts cash.  They come in different sizes, styles, and lock options all depending on your needs.

Smart Safes

Smart Safes

Smart safes provid an increased assurance of cash deposit precision and automatic counts of money received, while protecting against counterfeit currency.

Floor Safes

Floor Safes

Perfect for the intelligent home owner who cherishes their prized possesions.  An affordable and long-lasting residential safe is a must for every home in America. 

Undercounter Safes


Secure your cash immediately with an interim drop box mounted near your cash register.  Keep your cash, employees honest and the robbers away!

High Security Safes
High Security

If you have valuables such as cash, jewelry, or other collectbiles that require the utmost in security , then you need a High Security Safe that offers you both fire and burglary protection that is certified by U.L.