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SKU:SKU: 80pad-lg-043
Keypad: 9160; Lock: 4300007B-00-00


LaGard SmartPoint Biometric Keypad & Lock

Biometric Keypad

Audit - 4000 Events

Users - 99 Per Lock

BIOMETRIC FEATURES - Light Emitting Sensor Technology (<> *Curved Face, *Teflon Contact Surface, *Highest Quality Image Generation - 650 DPI Cpatured) (<> *No Electro Static (ESD) Sensitivity, *Does Not Absorb Skin Oils or Nicotine, *Tested to 1.5 million Touches, *Designed for High Traffic Applications) (<> *No False Reject Rate (FRR) Impact, *Sppof-Proof - Cannot be Fooled with Artificial Gummy or Silicon Replicas)

SYSTEM FEATURES - (<> *Fingerprint Only, *Fingerprint & PIN Code, *PIN Code Only) (<> *Each Lock within the System Records & Store the Last 4000 Operations. Input Module Can Scroll Last 1000 Operations - Locks & Users)

TWO MASTER CONTROLS - (*Change Code, *Install/Change/Delete TimeLocks, *Enroll/Delete Locks, *Install/Delete Manager, *Set Lock Options, *Reprogram Software, *Access Master Menu)

MANAGER MODE - (*Change Code, * Manage Users, *Change Time Delay Values, *Retrieve Audit, *Control Temporary Time Lock, *Time Lock Open Period Extension)

USER CODE - (*Up to 98 Access Users Per Lock - Manager Plus 98, *Open Lock, *Change Code, *Set Immediate Time Lock, *Time Lock Open Period Extenion)

MULTIPLE LOCKS - (Up to 5 locks per module)

AUDIT TRAIL - (each lock within the system will record 1000 events with real time and date)

TIME DELAY - (*Programmable on Each Lock, *Delay Period 1-99 minutes, *Open Period 1-99 minutes, *Displayed in Count-Up or Count-Down, * Two Time Delays Can Run at Once)

SILENT ALARM - Optional Alarm Box Required (programmable on each lock)

REMOTE DISABLE - Optional Alarm Box REQUIRED (programmable on each lock)

DUAL CODE - (*Programmable on Each Lock, *Two Codes Required)

WRONG TRY PENALTY - (four (4) consecutive invalid codes initiates five minute time delay period)

LOW BATTERY WARNING - (*Repeated Audio & Visual signal - LED Flashing & Repeated Beeps, *Triple Signal Indicates Invalid or Not Accepted)

TIME LOCK - (*Standard Week - 4 Open Periods Per Day, *Special Events - Up to 20 Close Periods Programmable with Day and Month, *Immediate Time Lock - From Now Until Next Available Open Period, *Temporary Time Lock - From Now to Required Date & Time, Maximum of 4 Weeks, *Time Lock Open Period Extension - Maximum 2 Hours in 30 Minute Increments, *Daylight Saving Time)


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