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Protect your assets with Blue Dot's Depository Safes.

The most requested safe by businesses.
Blue Dot Safes is in the business to protect your assets… The most requested safe by leading businesses is the Blue Dot depository
safe. It is a must for ANY business that accepts cash. They come in different sizes, styles, and lock options all depending on your needs.
Protect your cash… keep your employees honest and the robbers away! Blue Dot Safes helps you create the Peace of mind for your business… Through Blue Dot Safes, you are able to service and protect your assets around the clock. Blue Dot Safes is a local business safe manufacture and sales, don’t be tricked by the low prices in the big box stores, having to pick up and deliver, then install your own safe. Worst of all…not knowing who to call when there’s a malfunction. Blue Dot Safes wants to partner with you during these times, and help you secure your assets. Receive Free, That’s Free installation and delivery today.

Do not become another statistic to the times… Call: (866) 747-7233

Know the Facts

Riverside Crime: and

YTD Crimes reported By Riverside Police and sheriff Dept. Total Burglaries and Robberies: 1074 

Rancho Cucamonga Crime: http://www.crimemapping.com1 and  http://www.crimemapping.com2
YTD Crimes reported By Rancho Cucamonga Police and sheriff Dept. Total Burglaries and Robberies: 798

San Bernardino Crime:
YTD Crimes reported By San Bernardino Police and sheriff Dept. Total Burglaries and Robberies: 1271