About Us

Welcome to blue dot safes - a dynamic corporation dedicated to designing and manufacturing custom-made commercial safes of uncompromising quality. Our mission is to provide you peace of mind by securing your assets against theft in the work place. Integrity, coupled with innovation, enables us to challenge traditional practices to ensure the development of superior products and service.

Blue Dot Team

Ensuring that customers are satisfied every time they interact with blue dot safes is a goal owned by every blue dot team member. The blue dot safes Executive Leadership Team sets the strategic direction for how we'll continue to keep customers at the forefront of all we do - from designing and delivering services and solutions that meet the unique and evolving needs of our customers to developing innovative new products that deliver a superior customer experience.

Berge Jalakian

President and Chief Executive Officer

"We started Blue Dot with a vision of challenging industry standards and practices and to build relationships directly with our customers. Customer service is not a "buzzword" but rather our culture and the way we conduct business. At Blue Dot, you truly receive the service and products you need - when you need it."

Berge Jalakian was born in December 1972, and is the president and chief executive officer of Blue Dot Safes-the company he founded in the summer of 2004.

Scott A. Bernal


The financial controller of Blue Dot Safes, Scott also manages the computer networks and any technical issues. Prior to working at Blue Dot, Scott was an underwriter for Pacific Life and Annuity, and previous to that a supervisor in Cash Management at the Walt Disney Company in Anaheim. Scott holds a master's degree in experimental psychology and helped launch Blue Dot Safe in August, 2004.

Anthony J. Rangel

Engineering and Product Development

Anthony began his career in Product design when he earned his Bachelors Degree in Automated Manufacturing Technology from ITT Technical institute in West Covina CA. Anthony has 11 Years of professional experience working in Manufacturing and product development and helped start Blue Dot Safes in August, 2004.